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Dedham's Jake Homiller and Randy Mahoney win 2019 Ferocious Forties
Feb 04, 2019
The 2nd annual Ferocious 40’s Men’s C Paddle Tournament was held at Dedham Country and Polo Club on Saturday, February 2th. This is the first event of 2019 in a series of paddle tournaments tiered for different ability levels of players in the Boston area. To qualify, entrants had to have a player rating no lower than 42 and a team average no lower than 46 at the time they registered. Dedham Country and Polo Club and Wellesley Country Club made their facilities available to the players for this tourney. Many thanks to the members and staff of those clubs for all their efforts and hospitality.

13 teams competed for this now coveted title. Matches began at 8:30am and the finals concluded at 3:00pm. All teams played at least 3 matches. At the end of the day legs were tired and nerves were frayed, but the comradery of the players watching the final and the war-stories they had to share over a few beers made it TOTALLY worth it.

In the first semifinal the team of Loranger/Griebel (DCPC) took on Homiller/Mahoney (also DCPC). Loranger/Griebel had just upset the #1 seeded team of Schrager/Schrager (CCC) in an epic match, 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (7-3). Homiller/Mahoney were able to defeat Loranger/Griebel 6-4, 6-2 before they could catch their breath from the previous match. In the second semifinal McNay/Glick (TCC), having survived their own 3-set quarterfinal over Donahue/Conlon (BPC), defeated Burns/Geremia (DCPC) 6-3, 6-3. Everyone grabbed a plate of good Italian food and settled in for the final…and what a final it was. The teams traded the first two sets, 6 games to 4 in each, and then traded hard-fought games up to 6-6 in the third. The championship came down to a 3rd set tie-breaker in which Homiller/Mahoney edged out McNay/Glick 7 points to 5. Congratulations Jake and Randy!
2019 results

Champions – Jake Homiller and Randy Mahoney (DCPC)
Finalists – Seth McNay/Steven Glick (TCC)
Quarter reprieve winners – Dan Schrager/Dave Schrager (CCC)
Consolation winners – James Benenson/Alex Miguel (TCC)
Reprieve Consolation – Barry Nectow/Bob Prendergast (BPC)
Last Chance winners – Jeff Teschke/Steve Vanourney (WCC)

Next up in the series is the Wellesley Weekend Warriors event on March 2nd for teams with an average rating of 38 or above. Then TCC will host the Squirrel Cup for teams 22 or above. Registration and information on all of these tournaments can be found at
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