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Greater Boston Platform Tennis League
|  Nov 12, 2018
|  Amin Khadduri
Boston area Paddle Tournaments!
|  Nov 11, 2018
|  Amin Khadduri
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|  Oct 24, 2018
|  Amin Khadduri
Joint the Boston League-wide Ladder
|  Feb 25, 2018
|  Amin Khadduri
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Brookline “B” kicks of Boston Tournament season
The Brookline Paddle Club hosted the inaugural Brookline “B” Tournament yesterday (Saturday, November 10th). 19 teams from 10 different clubs, including players from Maine and Connecticut, battled it out in the rain then wind then sunshine. Congratulations to champions Ian Arvin & Brayden Minahan (Truck Stop) who defeated finalists Mike Elcock & Greg Strakosch (BPC). Follow us on Instagram @bostonpaddle
How To Get Ready For Paddle Season
As the hard court tennis season arrives to the US and Canada, tennis players start getting ready for the excitement of watching the best tennis players in the world play in our backyard. In the Northeast and the Midwest, golfers try to squeeze in a few more rounds before it gets too cold and kids go back to school. In the mean time, what should you, paddle player, do? You could do all of the above AND… prepare for the upcoming paddle season. How? Here is how. GET A NEW PADDLE Nowadays, new paddles (you should NEVER call it a paddle racquet because paddles don’t have strings) come with tons of grit. Since the sharpness of the holes and the grit allows for spin creation, when the grit comes off the paddle it is much harder to generate spin shots. How often should you replace your paddle then? While top pros use at least 2 paddles per season, most club players should change theirs every 2 years. Viking Paddles Wilson Paddles Harrow Paddles TAKE A LESSON FROM A PPTA PRO It may have been overlooked by many but in the last few months an announcement was made that can (and probably will) change platform tennis for the better for years to come. The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) announced the incorporation of the Professional Platform Tennis Association into the USPTA. While they work out all details, how can you get ready for the upcoming season? Signup for a paddle camp. TOTAL PADDLE CAMP SPRINGBOK PADDLE CAMP PERFORMANCE PADDLE CAMP TELLURIDE PADDLE CAMP ELITE PLATFORM TENNIS PLAY A TOURNAMENT After you get your new paddle and get some lessons from a PPTA certified instructor, what’s next? Put it all together in tournament play. APTA TOURNAMENT CALENDAR
Team Points Weeks
Brookline Paddle 1 12 6/13
The Country Club 1 10 6/13
Dedham 1 10 6/13
Blackrock 1 10 6/13
Cape Ann 1 8 5/13
Weston 1 6 5/13
Brae Burn 1 6 6/13
Essex 1 4 6/13
Wellesley 1 4 6/13
Concord 1 4 5/13
The Platform Tennis Club 1 4 5/13
North Andover 1 2 6/13
Eastern Yacht 1 0 6/13
Myopia 1 0 6/13


The Brae Burn "A"
Tournament hosted by Brae Bu ...


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